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Is it safe to buy ADA now? Wallet maintenance implies one of several possible things could be happening: There could be a possible fork on the block chain. Bittrex doesn' t respond on Twitter. Doing it for a friend, so don' t want to risk his funds.

Bittrex cardano แบบออฟไลน์. People seem to be trading ADA on Bittrex, but the wallet is disabled.

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My ada wallet is showing offline status.

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Ada wallet offline on Bittrex - Coin. fyi My ada wallet is showing offline status. Any idea why is that and for how long it might stay offline, thanks.

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Seems to be they disable. me/ allcryptocoinsx we give vip signal for free both short time and long time base signal we also recommend trusted ico to invest in, more win more success in ☺ bitcoin is not to be m. Ada wallet offline on Bittrex : cardano - Reddit My ada wallet is showing offline status.

What does it mean when a wallet is in maintenance? – Bittrex Support.

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